Bad Weather Policy

Bad Weather Policy


In the event of heavy fog on and around the golf course, the decision to stop play may lie with the golfers as the course conditions can change from minute to minute, especially on lower laying areas. If the fog is heavy enough that the back of the academy course can’t be seen from the clubhouse, all three golf courses will be closed until the fog clears and nobody will be allowed to begin their round as visibility will be under 200 yards. In the event that the courses need to close during play, a member of staff will sound the klaxon and make their way round the groups informing them that they should stop play for their own safety.


In the event of lightning, golfers out on the course must stop play and take shelter away from trees until the lightning has moved away. Play must not commence until a period of 15 minutes has passed since the last lightning strike. Should conditions be bad enough, a member of staff will sound the klaxon and all golfers must then leave the courses when safe to do so.

Heavy Rain

When heavy rain is expected, the holes are moved to higher or drier ground, where possible. If it is still impossible to putt then the course will be temporarily closed and play suspended.


It may be necessary during colder periods to close the courses if conditions are not deemed adequate for the golfers to safely walk on.